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[THE SET-UP: Daiki and Tsukasa are having a halfway decent text conversation that is one half trying to be polite, the other half of trying to be snarky. Tsukasa mentions his 'To-Do List' and sea cucumber, and now Daiki has decided to bug him. Will things go as normal or will they actually have a normal-ish conversation? Stay tuned...]

[He was sitting in front of a cake, his phone in one hand and a fork in the other as he poked at the design in the frosting. Just because he wasn't allowed to pick up the cake himself did not mean that the cake did not come to him. It was a lovely piece too; all swirled white frosting and fresh fruit shaped like the Rider symbols of the Riders Worlds he had been to. There was even a DaiShocker symbol, but Tsukasa did eat that one. No way was he letting it stay there like a really bad memory or something.]
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henshin kamen rider decade, tenth one in the henshin line with a bit of a twisted back story and considered a meddler in various other henshin story lines

also the whole thing with 'decade you broke other kamen rider stories'

former great leader of diashocker and currently 'devil in magenta' that is able to step into alternate realities and mess things up

also likes sweet food, is a bit of a noisy jerk and knows all the tropes

also also views himself as a sweet guy


May. 20th, 2015 12:53 pm
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門矢 士 ∞ Kadoya Tsukasa